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Pick Up the Pace of Emerging Technologies with Defoort Consultant

We offer simple and effective competitive intelligence services that help you anticipate the evolution of your external environment.

Do you need a Competitive Intelligence specialist?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the large volume of data to evaluate?
  • Do you find it hard to capture information about emerging technologies and trends?
  • Are you struggling to identify what is relevant and how to deliver value in a usable form to decision makers?
  • Are you lost when it comes to implementing competitive intelligence processes?

We offer you three Scientific and Competitive Intelligence services:

  • Technology Intelligence Consulting
  • Technology Intelligence Service
  • Competitive Intelligence Training and Workshops

Defoort Consultant has been using scientific and competitive intelligence methodologies and professional data search tools for more than 10 years.

We have developed expertise identifying qualified scientific and technical information research for your target markets. We have tested and evaluated numerous free and paid software allowing us to automate the process of scanning your competitive and technical landscape.

Technology Intelligence Consulting

Defoort Consultant supports you in the design and implementation of your strategic watch process.

Why Set Up A Strategic Watch System?

Strategic intelligence is an informational process ranging from information research to its interpretation. It is used to create a vision of the environment in which the company wants to gain / maintain market share.


Technology Intelligence Service

Defoort Consultant helps you explore your innovative ideas and analyse your technological and competitive environment.

Stay ahead of your competition

Faced with a growing amount of accessible information, complex technological data such as patents, and intense competition, reactive positioning is no longer sufficient to secure your market share.

Competitive Intelligence Training and Workshops

Defoort Consultant shares expertise in strategic watch with you. With modular training and workshops adapted to your organisation.

An offer tailored to your organisation

We tailor our training workshops to the context of your organisation and your industry. These training courses can be delivered in French or English by Julie Defoort and are personalised according to your needs.


I’m Julie Defoort

Director and Lead Analyst at Defoort Consultant.
I am your go-to expert to keep abreast of the latest technological innovations.

I specialise in industrial biotechnology, food biotechnology and agrobiotechnology.

You might find it challenging to find a competitive intelligence expert who specialises in your industry.

We work with Biotech Companies in the following markets:

Human Nutrition

Human Nutrition


Plant Biostimulation
& Biocontrol


Animal Health
& Nutrition

Green Biotechnology

Green Biotechnology


Industrial Microbiology

Food & Beverage Ingredients

Food & Beverage


“Julie is able to skilfully mix scientific, marketing and competitive approaches to meet our needs. This is a real plus for us, who work mainly with research engineers. We do not always have the habit to complete our studies and our monitoring beyond the scientific and technical documentation. Julie knows how to guide us in an appropriate, relevant and efficient manner. It helps us to make the link between the R&D, Marketing and Prospective Departments.”

Technological Watch Officer, Plant Biotechnology


Free two-hour consultation by phone or video

We take the time to understand your business and requirements, so as to propose the best solutions to your problems.

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We take the time to understand your business and requirements, so we can propose the best solutions to your problem.

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With more than ten years of technology intelligence experience, we help biotechnology companies to identify and analyse relevant information about emerging technologies and market trends.