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Oct 27 2021

3 Reasons Why Competitive Intelligence Training Could Help Your Company

What does training have to do with competitive intelligence? Lots! Competitive monitoring can be a daunting task for many businesses. There are so many factors that go into it and so many difficulties encountered: lack of time, information overload, no tools or knowledge of existing solutions, how to efficiently structure the monitoring process – the ... Read more

Sep 29 2021

How to Improve the Communication of Technology Intelligence Beyond the Limits of Your Research & Development Department?

If R&D is essential to your company’s strategy, then technology intelligence for strategic planning and decision-making is probably clearly identified as part of the mission for your R&D employees. The success and usefulness of scientific and technical monitoring in the company are essentially based on the circulation of information, its use in collaborative mode, and ... Read more

Aug 25 2021

How do you capture the attention of your strategic intelligence stakeholders? Know how to identify the needs of your internal clients

“Everybody does a little bit of monitoring.” “Yes, we get a lot of information, but we don’t really know what to do with it.” “Apart from sending us what we already received, I’m not sure what he/she does with his/her days.” Do these claims sound familiar? Of course, being informed about our competitive environment is ... Read more

Feb 26 2020

Bio-Economy and Technology: The Challenges of Industrial Fermentation

In a previous blog about industrial fermentation, we defined traditional fermentation and industrial fermentation and gave examples of applications. Human beings have been experimenting with fermentation for thousands of years. However, bringing fermentation to an industrial scale is not that simple. There are numerous challenges facing industrial companies from technical barriers to regulation. In this ... Read more

Dec 18 2019

Bio-Economy and Technology: From traditional to industrial fermentation

Man has used fermentation for thousands of years. Today, the principles of fermentation are applied to industrial processes and it is a key technology within the bio-economy, providing us with a wide array of sustainable chemicals from biofuels to cosmetics. What is “traditional fermentation”? Fermentation has been part of our daily lives since simple microbes ... Read more

Nov 18 2019

Scientific names of microorganisms: Why should you care about taxonomy?

Scientists have discovered an incredible amount of microorganisms such as bacteria, yeast or microalgae. To differentiate them from each other, they name them scientifically following strict taxonomic rules. But why should you care about the scientific names of microorganisms and where can you find this kind of information? You may know that the scientific names ... Read more