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Defoort Consultant supports you in the design and implementation of your strategic watch process.

Why Set Up A Strategic Watch System?

Strategic intelligence is an informational process ranging from information research to its interpretation. This information creates a vision of the environment in which the company wants to gain / maintain market share.

Strategic intelligence is anticipatory and mainly concerns the future of the company and the outside of it (but it can also involve internal aspects).

A strategic watch system can help an organisation shape long-lasting anticipatory information behaviours. The system provides a defined framework for this information process and integrates it into the corporate culture – both essential criteria for the success of your organisation

A Different Project for Each Company

Every business has a different story. Your company may have a highly developed collaborative culture. Maybe you work for a company that doesn’t have extensive competitive intelligence experience. Or perhaps you need to implement a low budget business intelligence process. Our point of view is that there are solutions for every situation.

Strategic intelligence is a human process that benefits from being supported by software solutions (and not the other way around). Defoort Consultant helps you establish a monitoring process that is consistent with your company's culture and organisation.

An Independent Expert in Competitive Intelligence To Support You

At Defoort Consultant, we believe it is our responsibility to advise you on the best competitive intelligence software provider for YOU, with no strings attached. We monitor major software solutions and attend seminars and conferences to stay up to date on their functionality. When you need to assess the options available, we can offer you sound, unbiased advice.

We bring our experience to organisations wishing to set up or optimise their technical and / or human monitoring system.

Have you already chosen your software tool or is your monitoring system already in place?

Defoort Consultant helps you to deploy and evolve of your monitoring system.

Please, note that consulting and mentoring agreements are protected by an NDA as trust and discretion are paramount.


Our Solutions

Defoort Consultant has created a consulting process to support you with your competitive intelligence project. We can help you at any stage of your project. We will tailor the project to your need by including as many or as few steps as you need to be successful.

The steps we can support you with are:

  • Audit and recommendations
  • Project Management
  • Drafting your specification
  • Help in choosing technical solutions
  • Support during interviews with service providers
  • Deployment and evolution of your monitoring system
  • Competitive intelligence mentoring

Get more details about each step of our competitive intelligence consulting process below.

If you are not sure where you stand at the moment or if you want to understand how we can help you, please contact us for a no-obligation discussion.

Audit and Recommendations

We use a selection of questionnaires and interview grids to help us:

  • Understand your organisation and its culture
  • Identify functions and deliverables, interactions, potential human information sources
  • Identify organisational and cognitive accelerators and brakes
  • List existing monitoring tools and practices
  • List the sources of information necessary for your needs
  • Formalise the types of information, the levels of analysis and the expected feedback formats
  • Identify the desired functionalities and services within the framework of external services (consulting and software)

This step helps us recommend the most appropriate human processes and strategic intelligence services and tools for your needs.

Project Management

Setting up a monitoring system can turn out to be more complicated than anticipated:

  • Difficulty in formalising a collaborative process
  • Complexity and multiplicity of information systems
  • Resistance to change
  • Competitive intelligence impacts every function within the organisation

Defoort Consultant is here as your project facilitator. We participate in the creating steering committees, managing working groups, creating provisional planning, and ensuring the project runs smoothly within the agreed deadlines.

Drafting your Specification

The specification of your monitoring system is an essential component of the success of your project. We offer comprehensive documentation to allow you to communicate clearly with service providers and software vendors:

  • Inventory of the current situation
  • Description of required services / functionalities
  • Technical aspects and ways of integrating any new solution into the existing information system
  • Taking into account the technological state of the art of available monitoring solutions

A quality specification will optimise your chances of selecting the service provider(s) with the offer closest to your needs.

Help Choosing Technical Solutions

Technologies are evolving rapidly (web crawling, text mining, machine learning, collaborative platforms, etc.). Providers are multiplying. Sorting them out is not always easy.

At Defoort Consultant believes that it is not the software or the service provider that defines the monitoring process. It is therefore essential to position these solutions in relation to your needs.

Suppose project requires the selection of software solutions and / or monitoring services. In that case, Defoort Consultant offers you a list of service providers that, with the help of a simple grid, can be compared against your organisational and functional needs.

Support During Interviews with Service Providers

When possible and appropriate, Defoort Consultant may advise you to conduct a pilot project to validate your choices. Whether it is testing monitoring software or a monitoring process at the scale of your project group's scale before investment and deployment within the company, Defoort Consultant supports you duringin the pilot project's implementation and follow-up.

Deployment and Evolution of your Monitoring System

Defoort Consultant has the expertise to support you in setting up the monitoring solution you have selected:

  • Identification and qualification of new sources of information relevant to your strategic search queries
  • Basic management of strategic watch lines from the definition of vocabulary to the creation of information collection requests
  • Help in the optimal use of the functionalities of your monitoring software and removal of blocking points (creation of automatic rules, the definition of the analysis process, implementation of ontologies and knowledge bases, etc. – depending on the standby software selected)
  • Design and management of the creation of monitoring deliverables
  • Audit of your monitoring system to improve and / or progressing towards new features, or with a view to selecting a new more suitable solution

Our expertise ensures you a better return on investment and saves you time. Your teams are then able to focus on creating added value for your business.


Competitive Intelligence Mentoring

At Defoort Consultant, we understand that competitive intelligence can seem a bit daunting.

Suppose you are new to the concept or if you find yourself struggling with time-consuming and repetitive tasks. In that case, Julie Defoort will work side-by-side with you and your team (as a competitive intelligence mentor) whilst reviewing your plans and activities, strategy and skill set.

Perhaps you have been promoted to a new competitive intelligence role in your company and you are not quite sure where to start. As with everything in life, the first impression often lasts. We can help you to put things in motion in the right direction. We will advise you on how to build your position to be recognised as an expert and how to serve your company’s strategy best, and develop your career plan.

Julie Defoort will support you with the coaching and training you need, until you can fly solo again.

Here to help you.


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Defoort Consultant is a consulting firm based in North East England, founded in 2017 by Julie Defoort.

With more than ten years of technology intelligence experience, we help biotechnology companies to identify and analyse relevant information about emerging technologies and market trends.